If I have a talent, I need to share it. I share out of love for the talent and for the person I’m sharing it with. I believe anyone can be a hero simply by sharing their talents with people they love.

Some people feel the need to show their appreciation just as I have the need to share a talent. For those people, here are some easy ways to say thanks.

1. Share or Comment on my Work
A little feedback goes a long way and keeps me positively motivated to work on more projects.

2. Create Something People Are Free To Use
If you’re an artist, please consider releasing works with CC0 which waives your copyright. CC0 allows your fans to share and remix your work without the fear of being threatened with a lawsuit. I use CC0 for all my original works. I believe my work will reach a greater audience and have more impact this way.

Here is a list of notable works whose copyrights were waived by their creators.

3. Give a Wishlist Item
If you’re in a gift giving mood, check out my wishlist.