Bitcoin: Strength in Numbers



  • Vector (svg)
  • Letter 1-up (pdf), 2-up (pdf), 4-up (pdf), 10-up Business Card (pdf)
  • 1080p (png, jpg)
  • Poster 36×24 (pdf)


Ready Made

T-Shirt via Zazzle (~$15) Poster via Zazzle (~$25)


“Strength in Numbers”
Bitcoin logo by bitboy via Bitcoin Talk Forum with Public Domain license. Safe design by Javier Cabezas via The Noun Project with CC BY 3.0 license. Font by Dalton Maag via Google Web Fonts with Ubuntu Font license. Motto via Miner_Willy on /r/bitcoin.



Normally, I’d use the CC0 waiver which dedicates my work into the public domain. However, some of the assets in this design require attribution, so I’ll be using CC BY 3.0 for this one.

Bitcoin: Strength in Numbers” by Phloating Man is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License which means you are free to share, remix, and use this work commercially without permission as long as you provide attribution.


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