Monero Testnet Live

What is this?

This live environment was created so people can easily test out Monero Testnet v7 which includes…

The following have already been done for you…

Demo Video

Here’s a demo video transferring testnet coins with unimportant/low priority from the Public Testnet Wallet to a new testnet wallet with a subaddress, then looking it up on this Testnet Explorer to prove sending…


After downloading the iso file…


  • Use only for testnet. Do not use for mainnet
  • The sudo password is ‘monero’
  • Double-click the scripts and choose ‘Run in Terminal’
    • Choose ‘Display’ instead if you want to see the commands in the script beforehand
  • The Public Testnet Wallet password is ‘publictestnet’
    • Please do not drain this wallet. Just transfer a few coins to your own testnet wallet.
  • All progress including testnet wallets you created are lost after shutdown/reboot unless you backup
    • If you want to practice wallet backup/restore, KeePassXC and Rclone are included
  • Report CLI wallet bugs/issues here

How was this created?

  1. I installed Ubuntu MATE 16.04.3 LTS (Xenial) using VirtualBox
  2. I customized the environment and used snapshots to save/rollback my progress along the way
  3. When I got it the way I liked, I used Pinguy Builder to create the ISO of the running environment



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