Phloating Man’s Project M 3.02 Setup Guide


Project M 3.02 ISO

Here are a few ways to get the Project M 3.02 ISO…


Here’s what you’ll need to play over the internet…

A detailed tutorial can be found here. These are the general steps…

  1. Install Dolphin
  2. Optimize Dolphin for Project M
  3. Setup the Gamecube Controller
  4. Browse for the Project M 3.02 ISO
  5. Join or host a netplay game

Here are some ways to find people to play against…


Here’s what you’ll need to play on a Wii without having to use the sensor bar, Wii remote, or disc…

Here are the general steps…

  1. Mod your Wii using the CompleteSoftmodGuide site.
  2. Copy your Project M 3.02 ISO to a USB flash drive using Wii Backup Manager
  3. Setup Priiloader to automatically boot the Wii into USB Loader GX using this video tutorial
  4. Play Project M from the USB Loader GX menu


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